Stuffed Zuccini-Flowers #soulfood

2016-08-20 19.16.27
This posh dish is quick & easily made.


Zuccini Flowers
mini zuccini
–> minced and stuffed

2016-08-20 18.48.30
All you can see is chopped up, mixed, lemon juice sqeezed over it and stuffed into the flower petals.

flower—> for batter
2016-08-20 19.05.04

vegetable oil
—> to fry

mint leaves
balsamic dressing—> to garnish


Enjoy! 🙂

Veggie Quinoa Graham Marsala


###4 Servings###

1 small onion

300g pumpkin

300g broccoli roses

1 cup Quinoa

500g tomato sauce with cubed pieces

thyme, rosemary, graham marsala spice

butter or oil

freshly squeezed orange juice

Chop up all the veggies. Cook Quinoa with the double amount of water till it’s soft. Soutire the onions, add first the pumkin, then the broccoli til it’s softend but not over cooked. Add the herbs and spices in between and stir it through. Last add the tomato sauce with some orange juice and let it cook for a minute.

This is a quick and easy dish that is as delicious fresh, as it is cold. You can choose different vegetables or add fruit as a variation.


invisible vs. (ir-) replaceable

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Reading through Ash’s post about wanting to vanish or at least step out of the limelight from time to time and after a conversation with my boyfriend, my brain went on brooding on that topic.

Basically out society builds on our human need for attention and appreciation. We are either over achievers or failures – putting it bluntly in black and white. Stars rise and shine and seem irreplaceable in the position they hold. They do there job so well, that all around them seems manufactured to keep up their flow. Invisibility is for those who cannot seem to carry their own wait and are replaced so that the show can go on and progress more swiftly.

I believe that is a bowl of crap, all built on appearances not on real meaningful matters, and everyone one matters. No matter how insignificant our role may seem, we are all connected, and therefore, important in this world.

“Failure is nature’s plan to prepare you for greater responsibilities.” – Napoleon Hill

“Life is too short to blend in.” – Paris Hilton

Quoted in “Being Erica” Season 4 Episode 1

But my actual point is, yes, everyone is replaceable! But every replacement ripples through the network. The question is, what is the consequence of replacing one person with another? How will it affect the dynamic?

“Because underneath all the layers of fear and protection we are at our core the same. We have the same needs, and we carry the same capacity for good and evil.”

Dr. Tom in “Being Erica” Season 4 Episode 1

To the person, taking themselves out of an equation, it can be a relief thought. Knowing the community will survive, adapt without them. To someone who isn’t replaced it is a compliment to know, people choose to keep that spot open for you. And isn’t that a great thought, knowing you are replaceable, but someone – your friends, colleagues, boss, your loved one – CHOOSES YOU!

“Have you ever felt at home in a crowd? Like you were part of something bigger? And you felt this amazing energy that happens when people come together. How despite the superficial differences you know that deep down we’re all the same. We have the same secret needs and the same wild dreams. We walk around thinking our secret pain, our secret joy is so unique, when really, we all just want the same things: to be happy, to be safe, to be loved.”

Erica (voice-over) in “Being Erica” Season 4 Episode 1

The Complexity of Life

Master of your Gridian Knot

2016-05-14 14.35.52

Some time ago I was asked, if i really percieve myself as the heroine of my own life story. Why ever not? How could anyone not be the hero of their own life? I am the protagonist in my life, but I play different parts in every life I touch. These roles can vary within a connection, but also the relationship can change over time. The people within a relationship change, their or your own priorities, needs, passion or location, reality. Space impacts relationships. But it’s not only connections between people that facinate me, but the humans behind the node, and the question ‘why some do not percieve themselves as the hero of their own story’. Seeing every sidekick or villan in someone’s story has a story of their own. No one is ever only the one or the other. But one must step up to play the main role in one’s own life, to not stay stuck in the supporting figure in other people’s lives.

Let me explain: remeber every story you have ever been told, read, or saw in a Movie, there was always a hero or heroine. By hero I refer to the person in the center of the story, the one who’s perspective we take when telling/following the story. As most people do not exist completely disconnected, there arme always more than one charakter within a story. Each character plays a different part in the plot and helps unravel the heroes fate. In this case, the sideckicks ultimate fate is not the focus, but only the part how there lives entwine.

Eveytime I experience myself more as a sidekick to other peoples fortune, than taking agency in my own life and being the heroine of my own story, I feel powerless, vunerable and incomplete. Please do understand me correctly, I love all the parts and roles I play in the many lives I touch. To me it’s a privelege to support the people I am connected to, as best I can. However, I learnt about myself, that creating a path of my own, living what I believe in and sticking to it, no matter what, fullfills me.

So what do I mean by creative living, shaping my own path and agency? I engage in my life with a concious mind. Choices I make, values I choose to live, representations and views I foster or needs I meet, all reflect my awareness of life. These are not static, as my understanding evolves, so do my choices and actions. Then again, it all is in entwined consisting of manier factor not one person could ever master alone, as we are all connected, and you can only ever decide for yourself. But my goal is to harmonize my principles, and carve a path in balance with them and lifes challenges. Regardless of what politics, religion, society or any other institution migh propagate. I choose to be independent , not to be a tag-along or the Oposition but to stay true to myself, no matter what. This distinction is important to me, because I have experienced people, who vote or speak out against something, only to be against it, but lack any idea of what they do stand for. Being alternative without an opinion or option you live for doesn’t help anyone, but only lets you get lost in the flow of things.

It is important to me, that I am not intending to over a universal solution, nor do I believe in anyone being able to offer one „right“ solution for all of humanity. I believe that everyone must find there own truth and path in life, and am greatful for every human being that decides it tob e a positiv one, nurturing not only their own ego, but their community, the people they are connected to. As it is said, that everyone is connected via seven corners, I have the imfinite hope, that this kind of positism connects humanity around the globe. Every act of violance, not matter how benevolant it may seem, is a choice – a choice often made negligent to it’s character and consequences. My choice ist o meet the world with compassion and forebarance, and live my own truth.

Why have I chosen a blog as my platform? Because I have often experienced in conversations with friends and family, that sharing perspective helped me find my truth, my path, acknowledge patternst hat had fallen into a rut and were invisible until someting someone said shone a light on it. Maybe my I can do the same for you? Not to show you how it’s done, but to let you percieve the world through my eyes . What you choose to do with that, is up to you and entirely your respobsibility, as it is your life, your truth, your choice.

Ultimatly, these are my experiences with and thoughts on life and some fiction in between I create out of it all. Hence, no scientific claims of any kind. Neiter complete nor absolut or universal. Soley a glimps of my experience, my truth, my life, my path. This might all sound sophisticated or abstract. But if you choose to accompany on my journey by reading my blog, you might find more tangiable stories and stuff to follow.

In any case, I wish you all the best for your own journey and hope you find what you are seeking.

The Afterlife begins…

My name ist Michelle Elisabeth Ruth Klösch, but noone ever calls me by my full name, still I was given all these names for a reason. My mother intended me to become a strong, independant woman, as the stories of the women in the Bible, Elisabeth and Ruth, illustrate. Ruth was meant for the red hair, with being my third name, it’s arguable. Most people call me by my first name, Michelle, which my parents agreed on after somewhat of a dicussion. My father liked the name Michaela in German – he’s a born and raised Austrian from Styria, but my mother – born and raised South African, daughter of a French-Belgium Father and Jewish Urkrainien-WhiteRussian Mother (the boarder discussions between my Mum and my aunt are ledgendary!), insisted on carrying on the tradition of French names and three names. MICHEL: Hebrew for “Who is like the lord”, was basically no pressure at all with my Mum being very religious. All in all, she didn’t know what she was signing up for. *laugh* Headstrong, she would call me, but after years of sparing, compassion is what we found for one another, proud of who I have become and where I am headed.

Thinking about it, my Mum only ever called me by my first name, when she was adressing me in a strict way. Any other time she called me “Mimsky” and as of my 21st birthday, “Mimsk” -as I had entered my adult-life. With the rise of online-nicknames, it kind of stuck for that purpose, but my mother stands alone to call me Mimsk. As for nicknames, I’ve had many over the years. Shelly, Mitchell and Pepper kind of stuck more recently.

But as I do not see myself as a person who fullfills expectations for the sake of making others happy, I am not sure if this expresses who I am. Neither would scripting a monologe of who I believe to be. Reading my blog posts to follow, you will get your own impression of who I am – to you.

I am starting this blog, to give my heart and creativity a voice. It’s been a year since I was honored my Master in Arts and Design, and after investing all my energy in finding imployment in my field, I have now settled in Germany. The “Afterlife” has begun… meaning my life after school, after moving out from home, after moving to a new city, after studies, after moving to a new country…. after finally happening. Now.

This blog will share my experience and perspective with life in different forms.